Clinical Stories and the Power of Storytelling

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Clinical Stories and the Power of Storytelling


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San Diego Pain Summit "After Dark" Storytelling Salon

"Clinical Stories and the Power of Storytelling"

The power of a patient's story is critical to developing and sustaining a caring, therapeutic relationship. As we seek to return humanity and care to the clinical experience, "stories" have become a buzzword. 

When you ask your patient to "tell me your story", are you confident you know what to do with it?

Can you let a story move you, transport you and connect you with your patients, and still be confident of your clinical efficacy?

Effective clinical storytelling requires a willingness to be affected by that story, and to co-create a new path with the person that comes to you for help.

In this 90 minute workshop, you'll explore your relationship to your role as a clinician through discussion of a text, use reflective writing to reveal the power of stories and join a conversation about the role of co-creation and shared storytelling in the clinic that can continue into the night around the famous Dana Hotel fire-pit.

This session is designed to be a creative respite from pain science and instead to infuse you with curiosity and a practical experience of the power of story (in and out of the clinic!)

Date: Saturday 23rd February 

Place: The Dana on Mission Bay

Time: 6.45 pm - 8.30 pm

Cost: $5 (for pizza and drinks)

Seating limit: 30

Your Teachers: Amy Thompson, Julia Traylor, & Lissanthea Taylor

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